7 mistakes to sending your CV by email


Here are 7 mistakes that cause your resume never reaches the inbox or be removed without opening !. The aim of the CV is to get the interview, but if they are not getting when you send it, how you going to get?

1. Email address anything right

It is important that your email is Name + Name [@ gmail / @ hotmail /yahoo, etc.]. When you send your cv through email as "conejitaplayboy21 morenodulce @ @ ... or ..." casual and carefree look for work. My advice, keep this email to your friends but CREATE new one (it's free!) Whether formal or neutral.

2. Mailings de CV

There are people who have doubts about which direction the company email to send your resume and eventually send it to all who see the web. There is nothing worse that you reach 4 or 5 emails to your mail forwarded from other departments with the same cv that has come to you to your email for human resources of that company. If you do not see an email from HR and only facilitates generic info@nombreempresa.com is better not send that.Another failure rate than rush you do not realize is the give forward to the last e-mail you sent ... (thinking that as I have attached the file you save work). If you do that you indicate to me that not only you customize each subject or body of the email but also send me (as a company) am your second choice. We all like to feel special and unique, seeing the [RE:] in the email subject you're already telling you my second choice ...

3. The priority of the email

In corporate branding of important or urgent email is used only in cases of need are not those of the recruitment. By putting a high priority on your email you will not pay more attention, but annoy more and can be erased quickly.

4. Beware the version of the file that you send

I always advise sending PDF.Not all companies have the latest version of Word, some do not even have Word, free use alternative programs like OpenOffice. It may seem silly, but it depends on the program have not open the file sent or opening it can change the type of font, etc. your resume being destroyed.

5. Date and time of sending email

Another mistake that you can avoid. The worst days are to send a CV (Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Friday). The reason is that on Mondays many emails in your inbox and unless a priority at the time the selection process, email can go unnoticed among many others. On Friday the inbox is not saturated, but looks less mail because you have to finish things and solve pending before the important weekend. It is best to send the remaining days. In terms of hours, according to statistics more email opens between 11 am and 12 am.

6. Act as SPAM

Companies have anti spam programs that remove suspicious emails. If you ever sent an email with any of these characteristics, not the recipient never received in your inbox. It will be considered SPAM if:Write in capital letters in the email subject.Use exclamation and interrogation in the matter.Leave the subject and / or body of the email blank.Use a type of very fine print in the mail body.Use in the body of the email the red.Include number of links or excessive attachments.Send heavy attachments.Many images you include in your email (maximum two).

7. Lack of feedback.

There is a widespread practice among recruiters and coaches, I do not share, and is not usually answer emails received. If a company responds to your email, if only to say they do not need anyone now, I advise you to respond to that email thanking the time taken to read your CV and response. You may not have an opening today, but if you save your CV and email for two years have the chance you note. It costs nothing to save us email response, I put it as a bookmark or write a few lines on your resume saying that you were friendly and answered to his response.You see, you may have sent 100, 500 or 1,000 resumes that if you made any of these errors the result can be the same as not having sent any.And you, what other errors procures avoid?Remember that you are a professional and that companies always need talented people. Analyze your strengths and be prepared to convince you that you are the one to give solution to their needs.

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Source: Mejora tu CV


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