How important is the work experience on your resume It inspires confidence during the selection process.


Work experience is the most important thing to include on your resume. It is the first thing the recruiter will see while reading your profile. Based on the information you post there, you can build confidence during the selection process.

Jobomas gives you some tips to get an outstanding resume:

1.- Be clear
Try to be clear while writing your work experience. Don't add a really short nor a too long description for each previous position you had. Go to the real point.

2.- Order
Many people mix up their work experience dates. The most important thing is to add your work experience starting with the most recent or current job followed by the previous one and so on.

3. Quantity
If you have been in many different positions trough your 10 years of experience, it is not necessary to explain all of them, you can skip temporary jobs and focus on the jobs relevant to the position. If, on the other hand, the problem is your lack of experience, you can add your internships that, even thou they were not paid jobs, they can reflect your attitude towards a specific position.

4.- Structure
Those are the elements that all recruiters will check on your work experience:

    * Position

      * Company name

        * Time you worked on that position

          * Brief description of your task

            * Main achievements

            5.- Dedication
            Complete a resume for the first time can be tedious. But remember that a good resume can be the difference between getting hired or not. Be patient and take your time to create a good resume.

            We hope this tips are useful!

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