In Jobomas your profile is your personal branding How important is to add a photo?


Not adding a photo on your profile reflects that you are not really interested, and little professionalism. Based on some research, if you add a photo on your profile, the chances that someone stop to review it, are 7 times higher.

Below you can find some advices while choosing you photo:

1.- Select an appropriate photo
Try to use a photo where recruiters can clearly see who you are. A professional look is the one you have when you are talking with a customer or during a job interview. We don't recommend to use a photo where you are practising your favourite sport or spending time on your hobbies. The ideal photo for your Jobomas profile is one where your face and shoulders are clearly visible.

2.- The proper outfit
Jobomas is a professional network, avoid wearing clothes you will use for going to a party or look very casual. Try to wear flattering colors or using clothes related with your professional sector.

3.- The background of your photo is important
It is important to use a photo with a light color in the background, in that way you face will be more visible. Avoid objects that might distract the recruiter and create a professional environment.

4.- Quality: Select the correct size
The ideal photo for you Jobomas profile needs to be square, saved on formats .jpg, .jpge and .png and should be 2MB max.

5.- You are the protagonist!
Believe it or not, it is common to find users who use a company logo or their company's building photo. Remember that you are the main character on your profile. So, do everything to get the most out of your personal branding.

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